Training Video for High Turnover Positions

New staff get to see the job done by an expert with a voice-over pointing out the critical points. They can watch it as many times as they like before tackling the job under the direction of a supervisor. If you have an immigrant workforce, providing initial training with voice-over in their mother tongue can be a huge benefit. They may not understand everything they're being told by a supervisor who doesn't speak their first language, but they are much more likely to "connect the dots" on the job if they have seen the video of the task and heard a description they thoroughly understand. Costs are reduced if you have staff who can contribute to the translation and provide the actual voice-over in the appropriate languages.

Video Maintenance Manuals

Equipment maintenance and retrofits can be very complicated. Even your most experienced mechanic can forget a critical step, especially if the overhaul only happens yearly or less often than that. Reading the manual can be a pain but watching a video of the job being done by an expert can bring back focus to the critical parts of the task. Members of your staff are the "stars" of the project and the voice-over instruction is provided by your in-house expert. Your employees do the job and a video is taken as they do it. Allowances are made for getting the broad view and all the close-in shots. No one has to worry about being tongue-tied on camera. Lots of hand-holding is given by SKB Videography for the voice-over session and there are as many tries as needed to get it just right.

How-to Instruction Videos for Assembling
Products Shipped as Kits

Let's face it. Few people actually read the manual that you have spent such a lot of effort to produce. A video of the assembly of your product shows your customer how the job is done step-by-step. The voice-over highlights critical points and reinforces that ALL steps are required to produce a satisfying finished product. A poorly assembled product fails and ends up back at your retailer who has to involve the distributor who has to contact you. You have to send a replacement down the channel, inconveniencing everyone. A properly assembled product provides a lot of benefits, mainly a happy potential repeat customer. You can also add a video catalogue to your project to show your customer all the other products that your organization can provide.