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The International Thread of Friendship

34 Bayside Drive

Lauderdale, Tasmania 7021



The International

of Friendship

Barbara Fowler passed away on July 21, 2018 at the age of 92. Please view her In Memoriam at:

The Thread of Friendship carries on…

International Thread of Friendship

The Bothwell Spin-In is attempting to collect enough threads in a FRIENDSHIP BALL so that it reaches around the world and for this purpose we ask you to send your thread to be added to our FRIENDSHIP BALL.

Please help to make this project a success and let us share our Cultures for Friendship, Love and Peace.  This idea is only a small contribution towards PEACE but it is better than guns.

Click to see how you can join The International Thread of Friendship and become part of this round-the-world effort.

The ball is a circle, no beginning, no end.

It keeps us together as a circle of friends.

The distance around the globe at the 42nd parallel of latitude is 29,826 km (18,533 miles). We hope to extend the Thread of Friendship to this distance with your help.

The reason we have chosen the 42nd parallel is that The Roaring Forties winds pass close to Bothwell.

Barbara Fowler with the International Thread of Friendship


Bothwell, Tasmania, Australia

Collect from all your FRIENDS (especially children) a thread of any sort – e.g. silk, cotton, wool, string, or any fibre – at least
 one metre in length and send it, along
       with a message of peace
             if you wish.

The new home of the Thread of Friendship at the Central Highlands Visitor Centre in Bothwell

Barbara Fowler with the Friendship Ball

at its new location

Barbara Fowler with daughters Isabel Pyper and Christine Sutton adding to the Thread of Friendship in August 2016